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  • Where do you find all this stuff?
    Lots of places! We go to flea markets, antique fairs, collectible shows, estate sales, auctions etc. We also have made connections with some great collectors that we purchase and trade with. More info on animal sourcing is below.
  • Where do you source your animals?
    We source animals from a number of places. Most are considered waste and byproducts from farms that raise animals for human and pet consumption. Others come from natural death, forest-findings, abatement and roadkill. We do not kill animals to sell their bones. We would rather just admire their remains than see it go to waste. We love animals and make efforts to provide sustainable and non-endangered species. Some of the larger taxidermy pieces in our shop are older pieces that we may not know the exact cause of death. While we do not condone the killing of animals for trophy, we find it even worse that some end up neglected in someone's garage. We would much rather honor the animal, appreciate its beauty and find it a good home. Insects and butterflies are collected by butterfly ranching, aviaries, breeding and collecting operations. We only carry an assortment of non-threatened species and donate portions of our sales to their conservation. The breeding, release and collection of these specimens are quite beneficial to their populations and prevents deforestation by generating income from the land. In fact, some near-endangered specimens have been brought back and stabilized by these efforts. We understand that each individual may have different ethics when it comes to buying animal products. Shops like ours are questioned about sourcing more than most. We hope that your ethics take into consideration and question some of the following: There are millions of animals butchered and served at grocers and restaurants on every corner. Do you know how those animals lived and died? Did you know less than 10% of plastic is actually recycled and products made with it will be on earth for hundreds of years? Are you familiar with the destructive nature of palm oil, which is prominent in nearly all products? Did you know our native wildlife is being killed in billions by those who allow their cats outside? Familiar with the misuse of pesticides? Have you thought about your house, construction and what roads have done to impact wildlife? Do you know how your pet's food is made? Are you familiar with the environmental impact of synthetic fibers of your clothing and furniture? Have you thought about your carbon footprint and sustainability of everyday actions? Of your offspring? These are just a few thoughts and questions we hope you ask wherever and whatever products you are buying.
  • Do you guys buy stuff? Do you consign art?
    Yes and no! We are always looking to add unique items to our shop, but it really depends what the item is, our current inventory and the asking price. We take most interest in unusual/odd/morbid antiques and legal taxidermy. We occasionally seek out unusual handmade products, but do not offer art consignment. If you create gift-priced items available for wholesale, feel free to leave us an e-mail with products and pricing. However, at this time, we are not interested in bone jewelry, prints, paintings, books, clothing, greeting cards, furniture.
  • Can I take photos or film in your store?
    Non-commercial and student project photo shoots* are welcome during weekdays only. We are open 12-5 everyday except Tuesday. Items must remain as-is in store and we ask you not to photograph any customers during that time. We do offer prop rental if this does not work for you. *Student projects: Feel free to take photos or video in the shop as needed, but we can no longer accommodate scheduling interviews with owners or employees. Thank you for understanding.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    As of 2023, appointments are no longer required. If you are looking to make purchases outside of normal hours, contact us with 24 hours notice:
  • I'm looking for a raven/crow/owl/hummingbird/hawk...
    As a general rule, all native birds in the U.S. are federally protected and you cannot buy/sell/possess their bones, feathers, nests or eggs regardless of how it died. Any bird taxidermy that we obtain will have to be non-native to the U.S. and non-threatened. We abide by all state and federal laws, therefore we are not likely to ever have these birds available.
  • Can you mount my deceased animal?
    We sell many taxidermy mounts, however, we are not taxidermists. Here are some recommendations: Diyva Anantharaman in Brooklyn, NY. Katie Innamorato in Brooklyn, NY Brush Wolf Taxidermy in Havre De Grace, MD. For skeleton articulation: Wilder Duncan in Brooklyn, NY. At Bazaar we offer wet preservation on small animals (in accordance with Maryland State Laws). Pricing depends on the size of the animal. Please shoot us a message!
  • What should I do with this dead animal I found?
    You probably shouldn't do anything with it! In most cases it is illegal to collect animal remains without the correct permits or permission from the Department of Natural Resources. This will vary from state to state, so it is best to contact your state's DNR to make sure you comply with the law. We can say that the Migratory Bird Act Treaty protects almost all birds in the U.S. regardless of what state you are in. This means it is a federal offense to even posses feathers, nests, eggs, skulls or any remains of any Migratory Birds.
  • Where can I park?
    We do not have a parking lot, but there is parking on our street and throughout our neighborhood. Most street parking is metered by Pay-and-Display machines located on the sidewalks. The meters run until 8pm Mondays - Saturdays. There is almost always plenty of free parking 2 blocks away - Along Beech Ave between 37th and 34th Street.
  • Do you ship? Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Visit the "Products" portion of our website for a sampling of our merchandise. We can also ship just about anything you see on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Just shoot us a message and we can send you an invoice via Paypal, or you can pay over the phone. We do not ship human or animal parts internationally.
  • What is your return policy?
    All sales are final, but we do offer exhanges of non-damaged merchandise for store credit within 14 days of the original purchase.
  • Do you do rentals?
    Yes! As a general rule, rental fees are 10% of retail price for the first day and 5% per day after. A credit card and ID are required on all rentals. Please understand there is a lot of time and money put in to our store inventory. We cannot afford to lend items without compensation. Thank you for understanding.
  • Taxidermy workshops?
    *There are no classes or workshops for the foreseeable future* Every few months we invite a traveling taxidermist to our shop to teach taxidermy. Our instructors provide the animals and all materials needed. Animals are not killed for the classes. Instructors source animals from food byproducts, natural death, pest control or roadkill. The classes normally take 6-8 hours and have cost anywhere from $150 - $350 depending on the project. To stay updated on classes, add us on Facebook/Instagram
  • Are you hiring?
    We are a super small operation and are not hiring.
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