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Taxidermy Classes and other events

Upcoming Taxidermy Workshops

We do not have any workshops available at this time.

We are hoping to have the instructor back in Spring of 2024.

Tickets available in February 2024! Stay tuned!


Classes? Wtf?

Classes range in price depending on the time and materials required to complete each project. Small mammal classes typically run $150-$350 per student, which includes all materials, animals, and the 6-8 hour class.

 The taxidermists that we work with provide animals that would otherwise be discarded, meaning no animals are killed for our classes. 

To learn more about them, visit:

Divya - Gotham Taxidermy

Katie Innamorato - Afterlife Anatomy

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Please understand we send ticket sales to the instructors prior to their arrival. This means ticket sales are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled.

Previous Classes:

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