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Air Plant Care

Short Answer:

Bright, filtered light & bi-weekly watering by soaking.

Longer Answer:

Many people think that these plants “just live off the air” or “just need a spritz every once in a while.” In our experience, this is simply not true. In nature, these plants latch on to trees, swing in the air and absorb frequent rain water.

While it is true that these plants can get by with little care, we have had success getting them to thrive (sometimes even flower) with a few simple tips.


How we take care of our plants:We have a giant bucket of tap water that sits out in the open collecting dust and other particles in the air that are nutritious food for the plant. Sometimes we use rain water or aquarium water too!

We submerge our plants in this bucket of water once every two weeks for 1-4 hours. After this, we shake off all excess water, turn upside down, and let dry completely overnight. It is important they dry completely before going back into any display or they will rot.

Plants which are in glass enclosures will help keep in moisture which let you get away with submerge watering every three weeks, and a spritz in between. Other tips: we remove dry leaves and dead flowers from our plants. We also use diluted orchid fertilizer once every couple months to promote flowering, but this is not required.

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