Antique Embalming Kit - Instruments, Fluid, Cosmetics, Pump & More

Antique Embalming Kit - Instruments, Fluid, Cosmetics, Pump & More

Here is an antique embalming kit that is full of everything you would need to be a traveling mortician! We believe this kit to be from around the 1920-30s and from Ohio. It includes a wide selection of cosmetics, instruments and fluid. Instruments included are a trocar, hand pump and needle injector used to seal the mouths of the deceased. There are 4 bottles with their original fluid and 3 half gallon bottles embossed with Undertaker's Supply. The rubber tubing has dried out some time ago and of course there are imperfections over the decades with it's use and neglect. Overall, it's a really unique kit and the largest that we've had!


**As far as shipping goes, we can ship this, but know that it weighs 40lbs and we would have to empty the embalming fluid bottles in order to send it. **


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