African Death's Head Hawkmoth

African Death's Head Hawkmoth

Hard to get Acherontia atropos African death head moth. This is the infamous Death’s Head Moth from the Silence of The Lambs.  They have a very creepy clear skull and face pattern that makes it the subject of many superstitions. This African moth is associated with the supernatural and evil. In African folklore it is thought that if it fly’s into your home bad luck and death will follow. There are 3 species of so called Death’s head moths they are Acherontia styx, Acherontia atrops and Acherontia lachesis.


Sits nicely on a shelf, wall or in a cabinet of curiosities.

Beautiful skull for display or natural history study.

These framed specimens are all handmade in the USA using archival materials and 99% UV-Blocking Conservation Glass, which prevents fading.


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