Please read the following details, to let you know what to expect and to keep things running safe and efficiently.

We're excited to have you!

Booking Details:

- Please understand that you will only be permitted to enter the store during your appointment time. Please plan on arriving early if you need to find parking and pay for the meter. You can arrive late to your appointment, but cannot stay past your appointment time as it may interfere with the next appointment.


- You may have up to 4 people attend under the same appointment.

- Masks covering mouth and nose must remain on at all times during your visit.

- There is a $10 deposit, which will then be deducted from your purchase in store. Think of it as buying yourself a gift card!  This is for us to insure your arrival.

- No-Show policy: The $10 deposit is Non-Refundable as it compensates our time to travel to the shop and sanitize before opening for you. If you miss your appointment and still want to shop, you will have to book a separate appointment.

-If you need to make any changes changes, we require at least 12 hours of advance notice.


3534 Chestnut Ave.

Baltimore, MD, 21211


Saturday: 12-4pm

Sunday: 12-4pm

Monday - Friday:

By Appointment

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