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Do you guys buy stuff?

Yes and no! We are always looking to add unique items to our shop, but it really depends what the item is, our current inventory and the asking price. We take most interest in unusual/odd/morbid antiques and legal taxidermy. We occasionally seek out unusual handmade products. If you create gift-priced items available for wholesale, feel free to leave us an e-mail with products and pricing. However, at this time, we are not interested in bone jewelry, prints, paintings, books, clothing, cards, furniture.

What should I do with this dead animal I found?

You probably shouldn't do anything with it! In most cases it is illegal to collect animal remains without the correct permits or permission from the Department of Natural Resources. This will vary from state to state, so it is best to contact your state's DNR to make sure you comply with the law. We can say that the Migratory Bird Act Treaty protects almost all birds in the U.S. regardless of what state you are in. This means it is a federal offense to even posses feathers, nests, eggs, skulls or any remains of any Migratory Birds.

I tried to come to your store, but you were closed...

Sorry that happened to you! We do our best to make our hours clear on all of our online pages. Our hours reflect patterns we see in sales. If you would like to make purchases outside of store hours, feel free to call/text/e-mail us with as much notice as possible and we can try our best to accommodate. Please understand that Bazaar consists of 2 people. We simply are not busy enough to have employees or be open 24/7. Thank you for understanding!

Where do you find all this stuff?

Lots of places! We go to flea markets, antique fairs, collectible shows, estate sales, auctions, collectors...sometime people trade or sell us things, some things we make...

I have a deceased animal that I would like to have mounted, can you do this for me?

We sell many taxidermy mounts, however, we are not taxidermists. Here are some recommendations:

Diyva Anantharaman in Brooklyn, NY.

Katie Innamorato in Brooklyn, NY

Brush Wolf Taxidermy in Havre De Grace, MD.

For skeleton articulation: Wilder Duncan in Brooklyn, NY.

At Bazaar we offer wet preservation on small animals (in accordance with Maryland State Laws). Pricing depends on the size of the animal. Please shoot us a message!

Taxidermy workshops!? Tell me more!

Every few months we invite a traveling taxidermist to our shop to teach taxidermy. Our instructors provide the animals and all materials needed. Animals are not killed for the classes. Instructors source animals from food byproducts, natural death, pest control or roadkill.

The classes normally take 6-8 hours and have cost anywhere from $150 - $350 depending on the project.

To stay updated on classes, add us on Facebook or sign up for our mailing list BY CLICKING HERE.

Are you guys hiring?

Unfortunately not! We are a super small business!

Where do your animals come from?

We source animals from a number of places. Most are considered waste from farms that raise animals for human and pet consumption. Others come from natural death, abatement and roadkill. We do not kill animals to sell their bones and would rather admire their remains than see it go to waste. Some of the larger taxidermy pieces in our shop are older pieces that we may not know the exact cause of death. While we do not condone the killing of animals for trophy, we find it even worse that some end up neglected in someone's garage. We would much rather honor the animal, appreciate it's beauty and find it a good home.

Insects, butterflies and bats are collected by abatement, butterfly ranching and collecting operations. We only carry a small amount of non-threatened species and donate portions of our sales to their conservation. The breeding, release and collection of these specimens are quite beneficial to their populations and prevents deforestation by generating income from the land.

Do you ship?

Yes! Visit the "Products" portion of our website for a sampling of our merchandise. We can also ship just about anything you see on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Just shoot us a message and we can send you an invoice via Paypal, or you can pay over the phone. We do not ship human or animal parts internationally.

Can I take photos in your store?

Non-commercial and student project photo shoots are welcome during weekdays only. Items must remain as-is in store and we ask you not to photograph any customers during that time. We do offer prop rental if this does not work for you. Please give us at least 48 hours notice to schedule a shoot.

Do you do rentals?

Yes! As a general rule, rental fees are 10% of retail price for the first day and 5% per day after. A credit card and ID are required on all rentals. Please understand there is a lot of time and money put in to our store inventory. We cannot afford to lend items without compensation. Thank you for understanding.