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Baltimore Taxidermy Open 2017

This is a free, one-night exhibition at the Walters Art Museum here in Baltimore. It will take place on Thursday, September 7th from 5-9pm. 

The goal is to display and admire alternative taxidermy from artists and collectors near and far. While the focus of the event is on taxidermy, we do also allow wet specimens, insect work and bone creations. 

In addition to best in show, some of previous years' categories included:

Best Freak, Best anthropomorphic, Best in Horror, Best Mixed Media...just to name a few.

One new category added this year is the Aldrovandi Sur-Prize.

Ulisse Aldrovandi was an Italian naturalist who studied plants and animals around 1600. He was always looking to acquire new species, or ones that had not been encountered since their description in the bible or by Ancient Greek and Roman writers. He was eager to pay for authentic specimens, but in his eagerness he was sometimes fooled by the unscrupulous.

Can you create a creature that could fool him?

Be sure to stop by and see this amazing one-night show!

Photo by Amber Maykut